Thursday, May 21, 2009

New TV Season Disappointments

Well, not that this is all that important, but they announced what series will be renewed for next year, and it looks like, as usual, the shows I like tend to be the ones that get axed. They axed Life and Terminator. Disappointing. I suppose I am at least glad they kept Chuck. I am also happy they kept Terminator at least long enough to complete the second season. I hate it when they axe series like that in the middle of a season, so you don't even get that limited sense of completion. They did that with Daybreak, which I really liked. I didn't even know they cancelled it until I saw the DVR stopped recording it.

They really don't like to give some series a chance to find an audience.

Oh, and they renewed Dollhouse, which I like just because I like Joss Whedon. I haven't had time to actually watch it yet, but I will soon - the whole thing is on my DVR.


C Woods said...

Damn! Life was my favorite for the past 2 years.

I don't have cable. I get only CBS and NBC in my area ---so there isn't a lot of choice for me. When I like a show and they ax it, I am left with drivel.

The shows that people seem to watch are incredible ---I mean they are about things I cannot believe, like Ghost Whisperers, Medium, The Mentalist, etc. And it seems like they're adding The Listener---all supernatural/paranormal hokum. I don't mind so much if it is treated as comedy or fantasy (Heroes) but when I have friends telling me how wonderful Medium is because it is based on a real woman who can see the future, I want to scream.

I guess people want to be deluded.

DBB said...

Well, TV is an escape. But it is unfortunate that people can't discern the difference between fantasy and reality.

It worries me more, though, when the fantasy is on FOX News or FOX TV, like when people think Jack Bauer is real and that torture works and is ok.

I finally got around to watching that last Terminator episodes I had on DVR. They were really good, making its cancellation that much more painful.