Sunday, January 17, 2010

Democrats have No backbone - In other news, water is wet

So surprise, surprise. The Democratic Party has 60 seats in the Senate and still can't get anything worthwhile done. Or they don't want to. Because there is no party representing the people - there is a party representing the monied elites and another party representing the psychos and the monied elites. The media represents - the monied elites.

The Dems might lose the Mass. Senate seat, but even if they keep it, they'll keep it with a right-wing friendly candidate. Where the FUCK are the progressives? Why can almost none of them exercise any power?

I can see how some might wish for a revolution at this point. Of course, no such thing will ever happen. Sigh.


The Barefoot Bum said...

More breaking news: Earth orbits sun!

DBB said...

Sadly, the Earth orbiting the sun may actually BE news to many of the nutjobs who fill the ranks of the GOP now.