Saturday, January 16, 2010

It sucks when your pre-verbal child gets sick

My son is sick, as I mentioned earlier this week. Fortunately, it has turned out to be a (relatively) mild cold. He's had some coughing, but not much. His nose has run, but not much. He had a fever at one point, but not since. In other words, he's doing fairly well, all things considered. I have worried that I might be getting sick, but I might just be tired - that is probably it. My wife may be getting sick, but she had the misfortune of lots of tiny, drool-soaked fingers shoved into her mouth several times. I've been deft enough to keep my mouth out of reach, though my son sure has tried! He laughs when he does it, too. He loves to grab for my face, particularly after he's climbed on top of me while I'm laying down.

Oh, and my daughter is cold-free thus far, which is great, though she also has been getting into things, and may have drunk from my son's cup.

My wife is still pursuing a nanny, but with less vigor now. She's had several candidates cancel meeting because they found something else, and several who she talked to a few times who have now vanished. It is exceedingly difficult to find someone decent. And even when you think you have, you can turn out to be terribly wrong about that. She's really about ready to give up on the notion, I think. Maybe it is because our son's sickness has turned out to be not all that bad this time, maybe it is because of the difficulty even in arranging a meeting with a nanny candidate, maybe it is the money we will save - probably it is a combination of the above.

All of that said, it still sucks when our son is sick now, because he's not quite talking. We can't ask him where it hurts or how he's feeling. He can just cry, for the most part. Yesterday, I stayed home with him, and at one point he was crying miserably. He likes to throw himself on the ground in passive protest when he's upset. It is kind of funny, actually. I wasn't sure if he just wasn't feeling well or what it was. It turned out that what he was really upset about was he was bored - once I took him downstairs and gave him some entertaining things to do, he was happy as a clam. You'd have thought he was being tortured with the wailing he was giving, but no, he was just bored. I can't wait til he starts talking in sentences. I am betting it will be maybe three months from now - that's when my daughter started - when she was about 26 months. She hasn't stopped talking since. Of course, when she doesn't feel well, sometimes she refuses to tell us what is wrong, but at least we know she can if it gets right down to it.

What I worry about most is ear infections - those won't go away on their own. It is a pain to go to the doctor to screen for them - much better to only go when there is a specific complaint about ear pain. Three months to go!


tina FCD said...

Ear infections suck. Kids are really in a lot of pain by the time you figure out what is wrong with em'.

Anonymous said...

So I am curious... are your kids still in daycare or did you find another nanny? I really enjoyed reading your "nanny drama" posts, although I have to say I feel bad for all that your family has had to go through over this.

DBB said...

The kids went back to day care in January, but then my wife arranged over my protest to have them out again in the Spring - but that ended up ok. For that, we used serial baby sitters - of the best ones we have - and then my mother-in-law came. She is here for the summer, so while she's here, the kids are with her. My wife thinks her mother can't handle them alone, so we have baby sitters come and help, but that isn't full time, so it is not expensive and there are three of them, so we aren't relying on one person. Come August, the kids will go back to day care (and actually my daughter will start Kindergarten!) I never want another nanny. Too much trouble. It seems like anyone who would be available (instead of say, being a student or another job) is someone who is available for a reason, and not a good one.