Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gonzales is a disgrace

Just how in the heck is Gonzales still Attorney General? This just disgusts me. The man needs to go to prison.


TinaH said...

I imagine that if the Senate was serious about it, they'd have the Sgt-at-Arms arrest him and throw him in jail. The Senators are letting him get away with it.

DBB said...

Yes, it is sad that they don't have him arrested and impeached. I think Congress needs to flex its muscles and re-establish itself as being a co-equal branch with the executive branch. Impeaching Gonzales would be an excellent way to do that. He's so unpopular, even with Republicans, that they just may succeed, or at the very least, scare him enough to resign.

But Congress is full of wimps.

Maya's Granny said...

Yes!! Yes!!

He really belongs in jail. For a long time. What he has done, from first to last, is a long list of crimes against the state. Him and the horse he rode in on.