Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm still so mad about this

I'm still mad about the whole Libby pardon (pardon me, commutation). Andrew Sullivan has lots of posts on this right now with all sorts of great information, so instead of putting up a pale imitation of that, I'll just link to it. And he keeps updating it, so check back often! I think he's as mad as I am about this. King George strikes again.


Alex said...

Have you seen the Special Comment by Keith Olbermann urging Bush/Cheney to resign?

DBB said...

Yes! I have to say, I love Keith's comments - it is too bad he's basically a lone voice in the MSM. As opposed to the entire chorus of people on the GOP side on Fox News and on other channels as well.

Too bad there seems little prospect of Bush/Cheney taking Keith's urgings to heart. But it sure feels good to hear it anyway.

Scarred said...

I'm very glad you have blogged about this, DBB. While sometimes you and I occasionally squabble like kids, I'M 100% IN AGREEMENT WITH YOU ON THE CRIMINALITY OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. These people view the law like they do toilet paper---only to use for their own purposes and to throw away.

It's a f*cking crime, is what it is. And the coverup of what was done to Valerie Plame--AN OUTING THAT F*CKING COMPROMISED OUR NATIONAL SECURITY--is something that I'll NEVER forget. The Libby pardon is all about King George trying to buy off the lightning so that Libby doesn't write a book about the mess. Why don't the Republicans actually PROTECT national security and bring Bush et. al. up on charges of treason for okaying the outing of Plame??