Thursday, February 26, 2009

I don't care about oscars or emmys.

Ok, so this isn't much of a headline, given that many people probably don't care about awards for movies or television shows. But then many people eschew those things because they don't particularly like watching TV or even movies. That's not how it is with me. I love movies and I love TV. And I'm not one of those elitest or snobbish or whatever types who only like shows or movies that are artsy or unpopular or what have you. I love all sorts of TV and movies - from the popcorn flicks right up to the highly intellectual snobfests. Even a bad movie can be fun to watch in the right frame of mind and right company.

I just don't like the award shows or the awards because they really just are meaningless to me. I don't really care who wins what or who gets nominated. The only usefulness I see in the awards is that they can sometimes highlight movies that I've not seen or really paid much attention to and then I go see them (or DVR them). While an award doesnt' guarantee I'll think it is a great film, generally speaking, they at least indicate the film will be enjoyable to watch on some level.

But then plenty of movies without awards are just as good or better than those with awards.

I don't begrudge the academy its popularity contest lovefest. Every industry in some way does awards for its members. Perhaps most of them are meaningless, but it is at least a nice thought and can also be an excuse to just get together with a bunch of people in your field and have a party and drink or whatever else one does for a social night out.

People complain about the criteria used for the awards, or how certain topics for films get them and others don't, but I really don't care about that, either. I mean, even if only movies I love got awards, all based on my own criteria, I still wouldn't care to watch the award shows. Because to me, what I care about is do I enjoy the experience of watching the movie or show. Nothing else matters outside of that, generally speaking.

And ok, I suppose one thing I do care about is having movies made that I really like, and so if movies I like get awards, that might encourage more of them to get made. But that's not really much reason for me to care about the awards, since my tastes are rather wide ranging anyway.

So fire up the popcorn and give me an overpriced fountain drink. I want to be entertained!

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