Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making time for gaming

It takes a diligent effort to arrange to game, particularly as an adult with so much else going on. I have to arrange for child care, either to watch the children while I'm busy gaming at home (and sometimes that isn't necessary if baby is sleeping and pre-schooler is happy playing next to the table where I game, though I can't count on either of those in advance). Or if it is a Friday, I need someone to come watch the kids so I can start my long drive south to where the game is. That alone makes gaming costly, though I think it is worth it.

Of course, my schedule isn't the only one that counts. Other people also have things come up and generally, if two or even sometimes one person cancels, we cancel the game. This can work out - saves babysitting money, for one thing, but sometimes this happens too frequently and then I don't get my gaming fix.

So I have to work hard to make sure I make time for gaming. I find it is ultimately worth it. It is really my main or only social activity right now other than just being at home with my family. I'd probably go crazy without it. I keep trying to encourage my wife to get something she can do like that - she doesn't game. She did have a book club for a while, but that broke up ages ago.

I'm sure this holds true in general - everyone needs to make time for fun. If you don't, you'll be a dull boy/girl. All work and no play. Or just no play. Maybe you could get a prescription for fun - from a doctor - that says that you have to have a certain amount of fun per week for your health.

I have missed too many games in recent weeks. It is starting to wear on me. That and my wife being out of town for like four weeks in a row now. My three and a half year old daughter is extremely whiny and demanding. All the time. I definitely need an escape. Oh well. Maybe this Friday will work out.

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