Sunday, February 15, 2009


Just an FYI. I was travelling Friday through today, so I was not able to post anything. I'm back. Once recovered today, I will get back to posting...

One thing travelling teaches me, always, is just how nice it is to be home. I like sleeping in my own bed. I like sitting in my pajamas in my cozy home, eating breakfast and watching all of the goodies that were saved on my DVR from the previous week (or month or year with how long it takes me to get to things sometimes).

Of all of the devices that exist in fiction and science fiction, I think the one I wish were real the most was the transporter from Star Trek - or teleportation magic. To be able to step from one place to the other instantly would be so nice. Travel time is wasted time. It is tiring. It is not something that is really productive in and of itself. I really hate it when I have to drive. But sitting as a passenger isn't great either. Though at least I can sleep or read or something to pass the time.

Air travel is ok, except for the whole "we're all going to die" vibe you can get. And the hassles of security make me never want to travel. Talk about surrendering to big brother. Train travel isn't so bad if not for it being so slow and not connecting every point on the map. A really good, fast, efficient rail system would be so nice. Ok, for the U.S., I bet that such a thing is about as likely as teleportation and Heisenburg compensators.

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