Thursday, April 23, 2009

GOP: Party of Values has only one value: Power

The so-called "party of values" GOP has only one value: Power.

It is so ridiculously disgusting to see them all, to a person, flip a 180 on every single issue now that Bush is out of power and Obama is in (as well as the new Dem congress).

It is so bad it is beyond parody: Watching the GOP bend over backwards to defend torture. Watching these stupid tea parties where they suddenly are concerned about spending and government power when they were cheerleading both when Bush was in office. Seeing the Fox News anti-Obama smearfest that goes on 24/7, starting from the second he was in office (and really even before that).

These empty suits really believe in nothing but their own power and the talking points that they have handed down to attack with. Maybe it is just because they are way better at that nonsense than the Dems that I get so mad at the GOP, but it probably helps that the GOP smears atheists and are bigoted assholes, as a party platform (bashing gays, denying them their rights).

And they totally get away with it, with nary a critical interview given. Ugh. Now I have a headache.


S said...

My favorite is the near daily statement by Cheney et al that Obama is endangering our national security. They would never have tolerated Clinton administration officials making those kinds of statements in the first months of the Bush presidency. Cheney would have put out hits on those traitors just like he did to Valerie Plame.

DBB said...

Seeing the venom spewed at Obama as being somehow a totalitarian dictator at the tea baggng parties combined with the claim that Bush's torture was good makes me wonder if there is any level of cognitive dissonance that the GOP followers can't manage.