Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some TV Shows I watch

I was just going to list the shows I watch that I hope won't get cancelled, but that would not be as long of a list. Some of the shows I watch I doubt would be in danger of cancellation. Come to think of it, some of these shows I've not even watched yet.

My DVR is currently recording (in no particular order):

Law and Order
Terminator: Sarah Connor

I don't claim all are four star shows, but I enjoy watching them enough that I haven't removed them from my auto record. I actually haven't had time to watch any of the Dollhouse episodes, but I have to save Joss Whedon. I'll get to them eventually. I really like Chuck. It is obviously not a serious drama - but it is great fun and all of the characters, even the minor ones, are very likeable.

Heroes has not been as good this season as previous ones, but it has been interesting enough for me to watch and I think it has improved a bit.

Lost I'm not quite caught up on, but I am really enjoying this season.

Terminator started off a bit wobbly and now I'm really into it and enjoying it.

I'll always be a Survivor junkie - that to me is more fun to watch as sport than, well, sports, which I don't watch.

CSI and Law and Order are just staples of fun - so long as you can overlook the distorted view of the legal system and forensics. But then not all entertainment needs to be nutritious. We need candy, too.

24 I'm way behind on, but I liked the first few episodes I saw thus far.

And House - well, House is House. You can't not enjoy that.

I used to DVR Battlestar Galactica and Stargate:Atlantis, but don't because they both are over. I just wanted to throw that in.

There are probably other shows out there I don't watch and maybe even have never heard of, that are really good and I would love to watch. A few shows that looked interesting I've actually gotten DVD sets for their first seasons to try them out. Breaking Bad is one of those - I actually have that on my DVR too for season two, but won't watch that until I watch DVDs for the seven episodes of season one. I also have Damages, Burn Notice, and a few other series on DVD that I haven't had time to look at. Any other good shows out there I've never heard of?

Oh, and I DVR'd Kings and Harper's Island - I'll eventually watch those and decide if I want to watch the rest.

Finally, I DVR The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - I used to always miss those until, duh, I realized I could just record them. For some reason it hadn't occurred to me, as I don't think of them like I think of other shows. I should DVR South Park, but I have been watching them from DVD sets and am kind of used to that - I'd buy the sets anyway, might as well wait til they come out to watch them.

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