Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Right-Wing Political Movement is just So Full of Shit

I mean, seriously. Tea-bagging? Defending torture? And the predictable 180 on pretty much everything the Fox News talking heads were saying now that power has changed hands?

I mean, it is so transparent it is laughable. What is sad is the 25% of the populace that totally eats it up like it was gospel. The RWAs. The rubes. The GOP is geared toward that demographic and that is their base and that seems to be all they are even attempting to appeal to right now.

This is not to say that there aren't intellectually honest conservatives. There are. They just have mostly abandoned the GOP. Either that or they are holding their noses and sticking with it because they really don't like the left or the Democrats. Of course, the joke is on the left because the Democratic party doesn't really listen to the left - they tack center-right, scared of their own shadows, for the most part. This is because they are cowards, they grew up under the right-wing dominant nation of the past 30 years and are shell-shocked by that (and the much superior campaigning and rhetorical skills of the GOP), and because the media has generally only followed right-wing framing of issues. On the other hand, the GOP kow-tows to the right-wing nutjobs as much as it can without completely alienating centrists (though they often go over that line, it doesn't seem to do too much damage as the MSM doesn't really cover it - the MSM, for the most part, totally ignores the vile stuff that is broadcast on Rush and elsewhere).

But truly, watching the Fox News wall to wall coverage of the astroturf (fake grassroots) tea parties, and the Sean Hannitys and others who are talking about how this is great stuff, this is revolution - contrasted with what they said during 2001, when people protested Bush - then, it was treason not to fully support Bush. Now it is patriotic to spew lies about Obama. They are so full of shit.

Now, Obama hasn't been perfect. Far from it. He's done plenty I don't like, and there is plenty I wish he would do. Like make a big deal out of the OLC stalling by the GOP in the Senate, which is also a bunch of bullshit that the MSM is ignoring. What is different is that the people I read, like Glenn Greenwald, are not giving Obama a free pass on this - they are calling him out on this. They are intellectually honest and have actual values and morals and are consistent. As I knew they would be.

Contrast that with Glenn Reynolds, or Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh. Or Michelle Malkin. Or Anne Coulter. Or pretty much the entire Fox News Network. They are shameless liars, so full of shit that they are a self-parody. And yet the RWAs eat it up like it was candy. Which I guess is what makes them RWAs.

All in all, this is just terribly depressing. It makes me want to go form a space colony someplace with intelligent, reasonable people. Sigh.

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