Monday, October 15, 2007

Interesting Article

Well, at least I found this article interesting. I found it reading the comments to this article bashing MRAs, which I found through this link at Thinking Girl's site. I have to say first that I agree with Kyassett - it looks like it devolved pretty quickly over there to bashing on BOTH sides rather than actual discussion, but then the article rather invited bashing. It is unsurprising. I often think that a lot of the put downs I see in things online are just about bullying someone to make the bully feel good about herself or himself. That article I'm sure made the author feel really good and superior. I'm sure plenty of others who read it also feel the same.

What caught my eye (and why I linked to it) in the article in question was mention of a book by Cathy Young where

She argues that Wolf’s “power feminism” can become exploitative -- women don’t always deserve more. She argues that the men’s movement according to Farrell is very close to being a male equivalent of victim feminism. She devotes an entire chapter to skewering conservative versions of feminism.

And every word builds toward her conclusion -- that we need a philosophy that’s not “pro-woman” but “pro-fairness,” and a politics that stresses not “solidarity with women” but “fairness for everyone.”

If we need a movement, she says, “it should be an equal rights movement -- not a National Organization for Women, but a National Organization for Gender Equality. . . . Such a movement would not ask, ‘Is it good for women?’ but, ‘Does it bring the sexes closer together?’”

And of course, that caught my eye because that is essentially what I said when I first posted My Views on Feminism (and subsequent posts after that). I still agree with that position, though I also don't think I'm going to be the one to convince anyone of that.

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Sweating Through fog said...

Thanks for pointing out that article. I think I'll go and by one of the books it references: "Standup Guy."

And I'm with you all the way as far as equality goes...