Monday, October 8, 2007

This Disgusts me so much I almost lose the power of speech thinking about it

This article just gives a snippet of the whole article, and there is an even larger article about this in this month's Reason magazine that I think is a must-read (and it is too bad I did not see it online) because it is a disgrace.

This is part of the reason I loathe so many prosecutors - because of crap like this - if ANY prosecutors had an OUNCE of ethics in the whole state of Mississippi, this "doctor" would be in prison, and so would every single prosecutor who used him knowing he was full of it (and they all know it). Instead, this guy goes right on helping to convict probably many innocent people (and wrongly convicting even the guilty) and pretty much nothing changes. Sick sick sick. I am about to use a lot of four letter words, so I'll stop now.

Ok, I lied. The courts are all complicit in this - meaning the judges. They could have put a stop to him. They didn't. Not even with this latest ruling, where they should have reopened all of this guy's cases. It is all part of this bullshit thing within law enforcement that society seems to share - just trusting prosecutors and cops and everyone else on the law enforcement side of the equation simply because they have some government authority. You can see it in this where people are so shocked that a policeman could have been a perp. When the reality is, the authority of police officers attracts a lot of authoritarian dipshits to the job, and even the decent ones get forced into being dicks to cover for their "brothers in blue" up to and including testilying. Just sickening.

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