Monday, October 8, 2007

Yellow Ribbon Patriotism

I'm linking to this article not so much for the substance (which is depressing) but for the youTube link at the end of it that is awesome and pretty much says it all about Yellow Ribbon Patriotism - which is partly defined as those people who see patriotism in those who piss all over the Constitution, so long as those doing the pissing have an 'R' by their name and wear a flag lapel pin.


ballgame said...

Look up "Asylum Street Spankers" on YouTube; they actually have a couple of good music videos, including "Hick Hop," "Whatever," and "Winning the War on Drugs." I think you'll find WTWOD particularly appealing to your libertarian side.

Maya's Granny said...

I tend to giggle when I remember that those magnetic yellow ribbons are harming the paint jobs of those SUVs.

hedera said...

Yet another good thing about Barack Obama - he quit wearing American flag lapel pins because he considers them a substitute for actual patriotism.