Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This also disgusts me

This is all over the blogsphere now. I won't link to everywhere that discusses it. One link is enough. It is incredible just how low the GOP media will go. It is just sad the double standard that they get away with.

We had Congress, including many Democrats, bowing down to the right-wing-controlled noise machine known as the MSM and voting to condemn a single ad in the NYT because it used a harsh word about a political figure, a general.

At the same time, Congress (and the GOP and the media) absolutely REFUSED to condemn much worse similar behavior by Rush Limbaugh. Proving that once again, the Dems don't know how to play political hardball and don't know that the game is rigged against them and that the ONLY way they can "win" at this is not to play.

And this is just worse - this is the right-wing smear machine going after a freaking 12 year old boy. It is just sick. That they would do this sickens me and proves to me that these people on the right are just horrible, rotten human beings right to the core.

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Sweating Through fog said...

Like you I'm disgusted by the savagery of "discussion" we have now - General Betrey Us vs. Phony Soldiers.

I'm a libertarian conservative, and I think there are reasonable arguments for vetoing the bill. I think there might be legitimate reasons for disagreeing with a policy that don't involve heartlessness or lack of compassion.

But you are right - picking on a kid and his family is wrong.