Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another reason churches need to be taxed

I said it before, and now I'm saying it again. Churches need to be taxed. I don't see why a community organization should automatically be tax free just because they believe in a sky faerie. Plus, on top of that, so many churches and officials in them seem to treat the church as a wing of the Republican Party. Like this guy, for instance. Denying someone communion for stating that he thinks Obama is more pro-life than the GOP because of his positions across the board as opposed to only looking at the abortion issue is naked politics.

The GOP, despite calling itself pro-life, is really further than that label than the democrats - they are pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro-violence, and they seem to really only care about the lives of rich constituents.

Listening to the GOP airwaves, you get the sense that Jesus wasn't Jewish, he was actually a Republican. They also tell you that no Democratic candidate is a "true Christian" - which is part of why Obama is labeled a Muslim (even though he's a Christian) - and why the GOP base eats it up and believes it - after all, he's a Democrat, so they KNOW he's not a Christian, so if he's not a Christian, what is he? Why, look at his name, isn't it obvious? He's an evil Muslim, who probably secretly cheered on 9/11. I think they need a new category of stupid for anyone who actually believes Obama is a Muslim.


Robert said...

Churches qua churches are not tax-exempt in the United States.

Most churches (but not all) qualify as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Churches which fail to meet the requirements of the code (basically, be a primarily charitable organization, and do not have the promotion of a legislative agenda as a substantial activity of the organization) can have (and have had) their exemptions revoked.

Taking a political stand on a particular issue, or denying communion to someone, doesn't come close to meeting the bar for the loss of exemption. It isn't an absolute bar; the priest can tell the parish that he likes Senator Johnson, just as the food-for-Africa group can tell their members to support Congresswoman Smith. That just can't be the main thing that they do.

DBB said...

Taking a stand on an issue might not, but taking a stand on specific candidates - and always endorsing only those candidates from one political party, does.

This wasn't just about issues - this was about supporting Obama over McCain, the Republican. That is a grave sin in right-wing church circles.