Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You're Mean! You have the right to remain silent!

Apparently a rather "creative" federal prosecutor is prosecuting the woman who pretended to be a 16 year old boy on MySpace in an effort to emotionally hurt a 13 year-old girl (who had been harrasing her daughter) who eventually committed suicide when the fake 16 year old boy "broke up" with the girl in a mean way.

I think this is utterly ridiculous. What she did was wrong and ugly, but it simply was not a crime. If being mean was a crime, then we'd all be arrested, particularly if my daughter was the prosecutor (she's quite fond of telling someone "You're mean" for the slightest infraction - like for instance not letting her drink from her baby brother's milk bottle).

I think this prosecutor needs to be disbarred or at the very least, disciplined, for doing this. It is a horrible thing to be charged with a crime - and while this woman may not be sympathetic, the tremendous, almost unstoppable power wielded by prosecutors simply should not be allowed to be misused in this manner. This disgusts me.

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