Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Come in Peace! Shoot to Kill!

The drug war is insane. And so it goes: another day, another drug war death. It always irks me to see police held to such different standards than the rest of us, even though, under the law, there is zero difference. It's not that I don't appreciate the police and what they do, I just would like to know that I or my loved ones aren't at risk by the frickin' police.

As it stands now, as someone pointed out in the comments at that posting, if armed intruders ever burst into your house, you better not try and defend yourself because if it turns out they are police, you could be up on murder charges. That is, assuming you survive the police shooting you, which of course, they would not face any charges for whatsoever.

I so ache for the technological solution: Set phasers on stun! If only we had reliable non-lethal means like that, then we could simply outlaw the police from ever being allowed to use lethal force or to even carry lethal weapons. For those that think this would lead to problems, look at Britain - their cops don't normally ever carry guns and they don't even have stunners.

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