Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Republican Presidents EVER

Shit like this is why we can never let a Republican in the White House ever again.


The Barefoot Bum said...

It seems a pity, then, that all three viable presidential candidates are Republicans.

DBB said...

No, only one is - that's not to say that Clinton and Obama aren't toward the conservative side, but there's being conservative and then there's being a Republican (which is actually anything but conservative these days).

The Republican party is now totaly dominated by the evil, batshit crazy wing, and probably will be so indefinitely.

The Democratic party is just weak and disorganized and, like an abused person, thinks that the way out is to please the abuser (which is the GOP and the press which generally spouts GOP talking points). The Dems right now are destroying themselves from within, with the pro-Clinton wing about ready to vote for McCain over inflated claims of sexism (which are misplaced as coming from Obama) and Obama people are unhappy with Clinton because of inflated claims of racism. Which I see as ultimately all bullshit because it does no good for racism or sexism to let the party that practically has racism and sexism as planks in its platform win the election. That is sheer stupidity. The GOP is cackling with glee over that possibility- just about their only chance to win.

Stupid things said at campaign events I ignore. In fact, I've pretty much done my best to ignore most of the primary except for the raw results as each state votes. If you went by what was said on the campaign trail, Bush was the second coming of "compasionate conservativism" who would do all sorts of wonderful things that would make liberals swoon. Yeah, right.

So all of these complaints about what was said or not said or not apologized about on the campaign trail is to me just sound and fury, signifying nothing. I really don't care what any candidate says while campaigning. I want to know what they'll do with the power. That's all that matters.

The Democratic Party may be stupid and not particularly worthy of any support, but the GOP is a party that is more like organized crime - I simply can't let them have the reigns of power if I can do anything to stop it. Even if the Democratic party is dead to me, the GOP is always going to be far worse. The last eight years proved that beyond all debate.

ballgame said...

Excellent comment, dbb. If we had a genuinely free press instead of a mass media dominated by conglomerates, there would have been mass defections from the Republican Party over the past couple of years, Bush/Cheney would have been impeached, and the prevailing question in national politics right now would be whether the Greens or the Libertarians would emerge as the national opposition party to challenge (and lose to) President Pelosi and the Democrats.

But sadly, we don't, they weren't, and they're not.

So it falls to those outside the mass media to challenge the widespread American delusions. For my part, I try to refer to the party currently occupying the White House as the War Crimes and Constitutional Subversion party. It may seem like a lot of syllables for a party name, but it's pretty succinct when you consider what it's up against, and has the important added virtue of being accurate.

Help me spread the meme, dbb!

The Barefoot Bum said...

Yes, I know, DBB; I was just being snarky.

DBB said...

Yeah, but your snark gave me an excuse (or was that simply inspiration?) to go off on a rant!

I've been resisting the temptation to do a post along those same lines - I really just want it all to be over.