Sunday, June 10, 2007

Irony Alert - Judge Bork files frivolous punitive damages lawsuit

I just had to point out this gem, though probably anyone who pays attention to such things knows already.

That paragon of Judicial bullshit, Judge Robert Bork, has filed a one million dollar (plus!) lawsuit claiming punitive damages for a simple fall in what was probably mostly his fault - an open and obvious sort of danger. Now, everyone deserves their day in court for a legitimate claim, but this guy has railed for years about how claims like his now should not be allowed for anyone, ever.

Some have speculated that this might be him making a point, but I somehow doubt it. Tom DeLay was also someone who railed against tort lawyers - and still does - except that when it was his own father who was the victim of a tort, well, then the shoe was on the other foot and he sued for millions. Apparently it is only OTHER people's claims that should be blocked.

I guess I could say more, but I'll just let the facts speak for themselves. (And note that more than ever, I feel like the whole nation dodged a bullet when Bork did not get confirmed to the Supreme Court - he is a real whackjob nutcase, IMHO, whose judicial views are so far out there that one almost couldn't satirize it.

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armagh444 said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who snickered at bit at seeing that story. Oh, how things change when the shoe is on the other foot. But, then again, there's a reason I've spent the last four years saying "Everyone hates a trial lawyer, until he needs one."