Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Computer Games I Love

I love Civilization. I've played it since the first edition. I particularly love the latest version, Civilization IV, and its latest expansion, Beyond the Sword.

I love similar space-based exploration games. The ancient original was Reach for the Stars. When I could get it to work without crashing, it was so much fun. Even though it was mostly text based. That didn't matter. It was great fun building empires. Now there is Galactic Empires II and its latest expansion.

I also love WWII simluation games, like the Close Combat series. I do also enjoy fighter simluations, but I like tactical and strategy games better. It is fun to manage an economy and come up with a grand strategy. That makes Hearts of Iron II and its latest expansion a ton of fun.

I just wanted to share. I also want to say that I never really enjoyed arcade style games all that much. Mostly my fingers would just get tired hitting buttons, and while sure it can be cathartic to blow away aliens with guns, that gets old fast. I'd rather do recreational activity where I have to think, plan, get creative, and where my success or failure isn't dependent on how fast I can push some buttons. At least with the fighter dogfight simulations, things are more realistic, and there is a lot more planning and tactics and a lot less dependence on button pushing.

Oh, and X-Com: UFO Defense - that was another great fun game. I'll have to add to this list when I have time.


Ashi said...

My cousins are all between the ages of 32-37 and I was only interested in video games and computer games when they were. As a result, I tend to look fondly on games like Defender of
Crown and Crystal Quest (computer game on my cousins old mac) and Old School Mario Brothers, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Any of those ring a bell? :)

Robert said...

I love the close combat series. Have you tried any of the combat mission games? They just came out with a new one, but its modern and departs a little from their older formula. You can get a direct download of Combat Mission Afrika Korps for around 5 bucks I think. The graphics are terrible, but the complexity and gameplay more than make up for it.

armagh444 said...

I tend to prefer strategy games (I can play Medieval Total War for hours, when I have time for that sort of thing) and RPGs (thus, my love of the Final Fantasy series of games), though I won't play MMORPGs (or whatever the heck the acronym is).

My husband's latest addiction is something I think you would enjoy. Long term, galactic war, military strategy thing called (IIRC) Eve.