Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh boy

Well, Wednesday was yet another ultrasound. We are at just over 12 weeks. Measurements were taken, everything looks normal, thus far there are no problems. Oh, and the little fetus was very active, moving all over the place. And in so doing, it revealed it's a he. Looks like baby number two will be a boy.

Thus begins all of the arguments over what names to give him. But it is cool to know now. I was sort of hoping for another girl, if for no other reason than avoiding having to buy any additional baby and toddler clothes (sparkle princess tshirts just don't quite cut it for a boy, sorry).

Speaking of my daughter, she turns two next week, so we have festivities planned for that as well.

It was a bit of a shock to find out it was a boy - I guess the other thing is that we are used to having a little girl, so a boy will make some things different - we'll be starting from scratch in that respect. I guess we'll be set either way for baby number three (if that ever comes to pass).

I've not posted as much lately because I've been somewhat busy with various things, but will probably post more in a few days. I think I spent far too much time reading feminist sites, some of them toxic, and it was nice to get all of that out of my system as well - the toxic ones, that is. I could tell I had read too much when it occurred to me after I found out about having a boy that there is a minority of crazies who would now label this tiny little two-inch long, two ounce in weight little creature a "future rapist" just for having male sex organs, and even if they would not go quite that far, would slap all of the inequities of the world on him (before he's even born), saying it is his fault, he's an oppressor, he's what is wrong with the world. Sorry, I won't let you do that to my son any more than I'd let anyone do anything bad to my daughter.

So time to let the toxins slowly wash out and let the fanatics be fanatics - nothing can stop them anyway. If they want to be psychopaths, I can't stop them - I can, however, choose not to associate with them (as they already have done with me in some cases, thankfully).

It annoyed me that such thoughts intruded on what should have been uniformly happy news - a healthy pregnancy. But I don't have to linger there, and I won't.

Now I just need to do some name research to see what I can find. I want something uncommon but which sounds good as a name to be used as a name (I've never understood people who name a kid one thing and then never use that name). Any suggestions anyone? I tend to use lists of names as means of eliminating names - if it is on a top 100 list, I don't want to use it. Unless it is for some other country and those names aren't used here, generally.

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armagh444 said...

Wonderful to hear that everything continues to go so well.

I hear ye on the name front. The solution my husband and I found was to choose names that were specific to our shared ethnic heritage (i.e., Irish names). It was a nice way, for us anyway, to find something that wasn't going to be "run of the mill," to honor those who had come before, and to find a couple of beautiful names (say what you will about the Irish, but they can make a pebble poetic).