Monday, August 6, 2007

A Happy, Sad Anniversary

Today marks the same point in pregnancy, 10 weeks, where we lost it last time. By a strange but really meaningless coincidence, today also would have been the due date for the pregnancy that we lost the last time. But we make meaning out of it. We probably would have been very sad today, thinking of that, were it not for the fact that today also marks the day we are past where we were the last time, so we have a good bit of hope that everything will be fine this time. Not just because nothing happened today, but because from week 6 til now, we had nothing bad happen, no bleeding, no bad signs at all, so it looks good.

The only downside is that my wife was throwing up rather a lot this morning - this is the worst morning she's had like that, but in a way, that is a good sign.

Today also marks a day for our daughter, who turns 2 this month. She's moving to a new room in day care, the one where they start potty training. With any luck, we'll only have one child in diapers when the second one makes his or her debut.

So today is both happy and sad, but mostly happy. I will focus on the happy.

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