Monday, February 25, 2008

Another reason we need a Dem in the White House

To investigate (and prosecute) everyone involved in the false charges levied in Alabama. From Karl Rove on down, they need to go to prison. Those prosecutors need to be disbarred and sent to prison. This sort of corruption of the legal process disgusts me so much I can't even describe it without swearing. This has to stop.

This is just one example of why we need a Democrat in the White House - so they can control the Justice Department and start prosecutions in this and other matters, and clean up the corruption that is there. People have to know that even if they think they can get away with things or be political because the current administration is corrupt that they will NOT get away with it when a new president comes to town and investigates. Ugh.


The Barefoot Bum said...

This is a non sequitur: The conclusion that we need a Democrat in the White House does not follow from (indeed is not at all connected to) the premise that some prosecutors (justly) need to be disbarred.

I've seen no evidence that any of the Democratic candidates will use the Justice department vigorously (or at all) to curb or punishing Republican wrongdoing or clean up any kind of corruption.

I think that the Democrats are much less corrupt than the Republicans, but that's not a very high bar: to be more corrupt they'd have to be rounding up Jews. (After 2012, I don't think even that bar will be low enough.)

DBB said...

Unfortunately, I think you are right - it is a bit of a pipe dream to think that any Dem would actually follow the law and clean up the way they should.

I'd expect them to do maybe 5% of what needs to be done (at best). I'd expect a GOP administration, though, to do less an 0% - not only not clean up the corruption, but they'd just add to it, continue it, and continue to cover up what has already been done.