Friday, February 15, 2008

Occupied by Babies

It figures that when one plans things carefully, it goes awry. Though no, there is no baby yet. But we thought we'd be having baby number two a bit earlier than expected when Wednesday night it seemed that my wife's water might have broken. So off to the hospital, after getting a babysitter to watch our other baby (now toddler). So we're up all night for that false alarm. That kills Thursday. Friday, my computer is due. I was planning on staying home to receive it, then setting it up (and moving two older computers) - which would take all day. Except then baby number one (the two-year old) decides now is a good time to be sick (well, not that sick, but try arguing with a pregnant woman) so she stays home from day care as my wife goes to her last day of work before going on leave. So the computer comes (my new baby) and I do try and get things set up, but it is very hard as parts keep running away in the toddler's hands. Suffice it to say that it has been a busy few days. The new computer is awesome, of course, but I still need to set it up, transfer data, and so on. Basically, I got it booted and that is about it. (And the other computers are moved, as are the printers and scanner).

So it will be a busy weekend. Three babies of different sorts kept me occupied the past two days already. And this is without even the second baby being born. Oh boy.

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Disgustipated said...

Read this blog over the weekend, waiting for word of new baby! Pre- congrats!