Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lower the Drinking Age to 18

I think it is utterly ridiculous that you can be drafted at 18, but can't drink alcohol until you are 21. It is made more ridiculous by the fact that almost everyone in the entire country drinks alcohol before age 21 anyway.

So I agree with this article. Lower the drinking age to 18. If you are legally an adult at that age, then there is no reason to treat 18 year olds as children when it comes to alcohol. It just pushes that drinking underground. And it just makes no sense whatsoever. You are responsible enough to be able to be put in prison or even executed at age 18, but you can't be trusted to drink a wine cooler. Give me a freaking break.

Of course, I also think drugs in general should be legalized, so what do I know. But regardless of that, society has already decided to make this drug, alcohol, legal. It has just put a ridiculous limitation on it that makes no sense. Time to end this foolishness.

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