Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to eat

Sometimes I wish I didn't have to eat. It is not that I don't enjoy food. I am sure I enjoy it the same as most people. Though I do have a sensitive stomach, I'm mostly used to that as well. It is just that eating is a pain. You have to arrange the time to do it, line up the food for it, and you have to do it while juggling everything else that is going on, which lately, has been a lot.

It would be nice to be like nuclear powered or something - you throw in a new fuel rod every 20 years and that is that. On top of the time saved not eating, you could also save time by not having to use the bathroom. That's also a pain.

It is also a pain when there simply isn't time to really eat anything, as I see happen often now on any day I have court. Some judges seem to just like to push right through lunch time. I had one case start at 9 am and we finished at 4 pm, with no lunch break. I had a massive headache by the end of the day and was not feeling particularly good. Now I have animal crackers in little packets in my court-bag so I can at least make sure I get some calories in me on a break. Animal crackers seem to work best as a relatively stomach-friendly snack that won't give me a headache.

As it is now, I choke down frozen dinners at work and try to scramble to find something to feed myself and my children after work. We ate out a lot. We still eat out, but I'm trying to cut back on that to save money and also mabye be a bit healthier, though that is hard when we just have frozen dinners instead.

Maybe when the children are older, we can do more cooking, though that has the additional difficulty of preparation time and cleaning up.

Oh well. I guess I'm stuck. Maybe the nuclear powered stomachs will come out next year.


Daniel_Millen said...

Hi, DBB:

Yeah... I liken it to the whole 'elimination' factor of life, as well. I mean, you spend all of this time prepping and eating and then, nearly as long on the can getting rid of it. What happened to the futuristic meal-in-a-pill? I sometimes hate eating as much as I hate having to pee every time I walk into a store. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!? I'm only going to tell YOU this, but I've (somewhat) seriously contemplated sporting a colostomy bag simply so I can take a dump while I'm waiting in line, buying a pound of nails at ACE Hardware.

Apologies up front for being --slightly-- [grin] off topic, but this info is not in your bio.

Do you currently practice law? If so, what type of law?

I also live in Michigan (Royal Oak area). In what part of Michigan do you reside?

If all this seems a bit personal, let me explain: I'm looking for an attorney who is philosophically aligned with me. I really connect with your style and approach.

Is there an alternate, discreet, method to contact you or you me?

Thanks in advance!

=D. "never-hire-a-Buddhist-divorce-attorney" M.

BTW, I'm married and a college instructor, not some whacko. Hrmm... yet I felt I had to CLARIFY that...

DBB said...

You can email me at

Erin said...

I am almost to the point where I can't eat food from restaurants, which, as you can imagine, is inconvenient when you're pressed for time, don't want to cook, haven't been to the grocery store, or every dish in your kitchen is dirty (it seems like I meet one of these criteria most of the time). I resent paying for food I can cook better myself, and it seems like every time I go out to eat, I put another thing on my "ok, I have to cook THIS now because I have to cancel out the memory of this mediocre ______ because what if I die and I have to spend the entire afterlife remembering this stupid meal?" Is it too much to ask, spending eternity remembering tasty lasagna, Olive Garden?

It is becoming a problem.