Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Daughter Is Potty Trained

After over three years, the diaper train is finally over. My daughter is potty trained. We finally had to just push her into it totally by taking away diapers. We figured out that she really knew she could not poop or pee in her underwear, so she'd prefer diapers so she did not have to run to the bathroom and interrupt whatever important activities she was in the middle of.

It also helped that we moved her up to the potty-trained room and just gave her no choice in the matter. It was basically instantaneous. So now we've been diaper free (well, for her anyway) for almost a month. What a relief! Well, except for having to take her to the bathroom when she needs to go. This is usually announced with a loud "I need to go potty!" with attendant little hands held on her butt as she runs for the bathroom as if she's about to spill all over the floor. I've since figured out that this, as with all things with my daughter, is about her being a drama queen rather than any imminent danger of spillage.

So one chapter in her life has now drawn to a close. And I am so happy about it. I'd celebrate except I'm too busy changing her brother's diapers (he'll be one soon!) and cleaning up after both of them. Oh, and trying to keep them from killing each other. Though they play well together, for the most part.

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