Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama needs to tell the GOP to F-Off

Seriously. Obama goes to the leadership, goes to talk with them and deal with them and give them his ear. He makes changes in the bill to address GOP concerns. And so what does the GOP do in response? Every single last one of them in the House votes against the stimulus. You know what I'd say to that if I were Obama?

F-You, GOP. If you want to play it like that, then I'm putting back in every last thing in that bill you objected to and I'm taking out what you wanted. After all, there's no point in trying to please you if there's no pleasing you. Let the GOP twist in the wind.

Of course, that's an emotional response, but it feels good and it is RIGHT. Now, maybe the pragmatist could say that maybe the GOP actually had one or two good ideas, and so there's no sense sacrificing those good ideas just for the sake of partisanship. Fine. But regardless of that, there were also some good ideas in there from Dems that were taken out to please the GOP, and THOSE should be put back in.

Truly, the GOP needs to be crushed into dust. I'm so sick of the self-rightous religious right authoritarian nut-jobs that run the GOP and seem to run most of the media as well. Maybe they will shoot themselves in the ass as they have been doing pretty effectively for the past two years (well, longer than that, but before that, their bullshit was at least working electorally).

When are the Dems going to grow a backbone and see that there is no risk to adopting policies supported by large majorities. When are they going to show the courage of their convictions? I think Obama has a spine. I want to see it proudly displayed. I'm waiting.


C Woods said...

You said: "I'm so sick of the self-rightous religious right authoritarian nut-jobs that run the GOP ... "

I so agree with you. It got so bad during the Bush years that we would have left the country if my elderly mother didn't need me here. We actually researched the countries with the most atheists/nonbelievers to find a place we would feel comfortable.

I know Obama is a Christian, too, but you might notice when he mentions religion, he mentioned several religions and also includes nonbelievers. That's a refreshing departure from the previous 8 years.

DBB said...

Yes, he doesn't mention it like a cudgel used to bash the heads of anyone not a "true believer" like the GOP does. Of course, the really pathetic thing is much of the GOP leadership really isn't all that religious, they just worship power and use it to get the Right-Wing Authoritarion followers that are about 60% of the GOP and most of its base.