Thursday, January 17, 2008

FISA telecom immunity is up again

It looks like FISA is up again for a vote to grant telecoms immunity for the horribly blatent lawbreaking they did on behalf of the outlaw Bush Administration. (Lawbreaking that apparently was their patriotic duty - that is, until the government was unable to pay the bill, then suddenly, it wasn't).

I sure hope they stop this. And while I support Obama for president, if I find out he doesn't do anything to stop this bill - i.e. he doesn't go fillibuster it, I will rethink that support, and if I find out he votes for immunity, I will campaign against him. The same goes for Hillary Clinton even more so. Lip service doesn't cut it. Only results. They are the fucking majority party. They are running for president. Either they can show some leadership here or they can go the fuck away and let's just have another GOP president and just get the complete transformation to totalitarianism over with.

Democrats make me sick.

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