Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fox News takes facts "under advisement"

This is just so disgusting, I can't begin to describe how disgusted I am. I mean, I guess I'm not surprised, but I would think that after something this blatent, the other networks would adopt a general policy of mentioning that Fox News is not really a news organization every time Fox comes up. Olbermann does this now. Why the hell can't the rest of the networks figure this out and actually, you know, report it.

One of the reasons I love Obama is because he has frozen out Fox News because they are nothing more than a right-wing GOP propeganda channel. Why the heck can't all Democrats and pretty much everyone who isn't a GOP schill do the same thing? And do so publicly, and also proclaim that anyone who does go on Fox News who claims to be a liberal really isn't - because that generally is true as well - they find weak-spoken semi-liberals to act as paid punching bags for the right-wing talking heads that get the last word and get most of the airtime.

I've often thought that the complaints of the MSM somehow being 'liberally biased' were, in part, really more an indication that the complainers think the media is biased because if they had a news show, they'd be horribly biased themselves. I think this just about clinches it. (Of course, the false claim of bias has wider, strategic reasons, but I think it resonates as well as it does with the right-wing is because they think everyone else, including the left, would be as ruthlessly dishonest as they themselves are in the pursuit of power).

But the sad truth, as I see Glenn Greenwald illustrate day after day, is that even the non-Fox part of the media is terrible and shows absolutely no signs of getting any better. It is really quite depressing. I wish some billionaire would found a new network, newspaper, and web page and actually hire real journalists and do real reporting. I think it would quickly be shown to make a ton of money because of the lack of any real competition in the area of actual news reporting.


The Barefoot Bum said...

If you think Glenn Greenwald's work makes you disgusted, you should read Bob Somerby. Don't let his purple prose fool you: after reading Somerby for a while, you'll be justly convinced that Fox News is no exception: the New York Times is no better than the Weekly World News.

DBB said...

My opinion of the non-Fox news media isn't that much higher than that of Fox - the whole establishment press is mostly useless - Glenn doesn't complain just about Fox, he complains about the whole apparatus, much of which is the allegedly "liberally biased" news.

I think Fox truly is the worst, but that doesn't let any of the others off the hook. Fox is so bad it is almost parody.

I'll have to check out Somerby. And actually, now that I look at the link, I see it is the Daily Howler - I have read him before, though not as much recently, mostly because his link isn't in my list (I'm lazy like that - I used to have it bookmarked before I lost my bookmarks to a computer crash). The press in this country is pretty damn contemptable.