Wednesday, January 9, 2008

To the Moon!

Michael Okuda, the man who did much of the art design for Star Trek, just designed the symbol patch for the Altair return to the moon mission. Which is pretty cool. Not just the patch, but going back to the moon, and then, to Mars.

I have heard plenty of people say that it is a waste of money and that we shouldn't do such things with all of the problems here on Earth. But I say poppycock on that. The government wastes tons of money no matter what we do. At least going to the Moon and Mars is COOL. It fires the imagination. It requires innovations in engineering and science. And it is inspiring. That alone makes it worth it to me. Hell, I'm sure we've spent ten times the cost of this space program on the Iraq war already. Why not put those government billions somewhere that can inspire humanity - on a project that requires great cooperation, rather than on just building bombs and killing people (or building bridges to nowhere).

So hell yeah! To the Moon!

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